Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The riveting oil paintings of Colette Calascione are easily some of our favorites as of late. Colette uses classical techniques to create works that reconcile a renaissance feel with a modern look. A number of her works are dreamlike, surreal, and narrative. These tend to feature vibrant colors and enigmatic figures.

Others draw from classical sources, some depicting a central character who seems enraptured in their environment and many who gaze directly into the eyes of the viewer. These pieces abound with luxurious textures and luminous skintones.

Perhaps an integral part of many of Calascione's paintings is a sometimes overt sometimes subtle sense of humor. All of these elements combine for artwork we find seriously stunning.

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Moira Hahn said...

Wonderful work!

Hey Mark,

Thanks for writing. Sure, you're welcome to use my art in your blog.

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