Sunday, May 13, 2007


Saturday night I trekked out to M Modern gallery in Palm Springs with Megan and our friend Liz. It was the opening night of two exhibitions, Robert Pokorny's "The Blue Dox", and Lola's "Pocket Full of Posies". The Nailor's (Jay & MiShell) M Modern makes a comfortable oasis for viewing lots of art, imbibing your drink of choice and listening to a hip variety of tunes by the in house DJ. Regardless of the fact that every one of Lola's eerily cute paintings was sold before the doors opened, she made the trip to the gallery to meet fans of her work. Robert Pokorny was also present, showcasing whimsical, narrative paintings involving his current muse, the dachshund. The intense detail involved in the works composing "The Blue Dox" kept viewers rapt, revealing minute brushwork only seen upon close inspection.

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